I saw this today while reading my newsfeed.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/19/karla-begley-autistic-letter-teen_n_3780378.html

An Ontario mother got an anonymous letter that said (among other things) that her autistic son was disgusting, retarded, a nuisance, and she should euthanize him.

Let me repeat that.  A ‘mother’ told another mother that she should euthanize her son.

The picture was tweeted, and has been retweeted thousands of times since Monday.  This has made Canadian news, and I hope it makes the news here in the U.S. and across the world.

I have a message for this ‘mother’.  Are you ready for this?

Dear Ms./Mrs. One Pissed Off Mother,

You do not deserve to be a Parent.  You shouldn’t be caring for anything – even a houseplant.  ‘Mother’ is not an appropriate term for you.  ‘Inhuman monster’ is better suited for people like you.

A Parent is is an important position of respect.  A parent teaches their children how to thrive.  A parent does more than make sure the child has food, water, and shelter; they teach their children how to become a part of their community.  They teach their children how to exist in society. That means being tolerant of other people.

Have you ever heard the word ‘tolerant’?  It means that you understand that every person deserves respect.  Every person deserved to be treated with fair, decent respect.  That isn’t dependent on gender, color, creed, sexuality, and physical or mental states.  That means that everyone deserves to lead a healthy, happy life.

You are not teaching your children these things.  You are teaching your children how to hate.  That isn’t what a mother does.  That’s what a monster does.  And you know what? That is exactly how the planet now sees you.  As the monster you are.

No child deserves to be treated in the manner which you proposed.  You say he is loud.  He makes noise.  Well, if you were a Mother you would know that EVERY CHILD MAKES NOISE.  Maybe we should euthanize your children because they make noise too.

Oh, is that the only reason? Or is it that you are afraid of what you don’t understand?

Why didn’t you just ask?  Are you so afraid that you can’t ask anyone about autism?  A doctor?  A Psychologist?  Or – GASP!- The child’s mother?

If you are raising your children to behave like described in this letter, then I pity them.  I feel so sorry that they are forced to have a ‘mother’ like you.  There’s one other thing that I am sure you’ve noticed by now.

You are now globally known.  You, your significant other, and your children must live your entire lives knowing that you are a terrible person.  I really hope that you can grow and change as an individual.  I hope that you can learn to accept everyone, no matter hoe different they are from you.  I hope that your children can grow up to be good people.  I hope that you can learn to be a better person.

Remember this: nobody deserves to be treated as described in the letter.  Nobody deserves to be hidden from society. Nobody deserves to be killed for being different.

Everyone has worth.  Everyone is beautiful.