Why, hello! Nice to see you!  What a lovely hair cut!

Let me introduce myself.

I am a random girl from a random town you’ve never heard of.

I know.  Sounds amazing huh? Really, are any of us different?

But seriously, I am a college student who had to move back home.  I live in Western New York, about a mile from Lake Ontario (making my location smack dab in the middle of nowhere).  My home is around Horses, Chickens, Dogs, and way too many barn cats. In the midst of cold winters, wet springs, muggy summers, and colorful autumns I live my awesome rural life.  Most people don’t know anything about rural America, or why it is important.  They don’t see why it should be saved.  I have met a lot of people who never even give it a thought.  It always felt like we didn’t exist, or rather weren’t important.  On top of that, over the last ten or fifteen years rural America is dying.   Kids graduate high school and move away to get jobs (because there are VERY few here.)  It hurts to see so many people leave the area that I love.

That’s why I created this blog: to change that.  Maybe if I shared my rural life with the world, it can make someone, somewhere think about us.  Maybe we won’t disappear.

More about me: I am an artist that can’t settle on one thing.  I draw, paint, and am overly obsessed with design.  I also write.  (Though, since this is a blog I guess that is obvious!)  I am a crafter.  I knit, crochet, quilt, garden, and I love to cook!  The Rural Yankee is where I share my life.