Saturdays are made for spending time resting from the busy week. Of course, there are times when we actually have to leave (gasp!) and so stuff in town, but we decided to do blow it off until tomorrow. Instead, we spend time at home with our pets. Yesterday and today I haven’t been feeling well either, so I didn’t object. I snapped a few pictures, and I would like to share them with you!


Fred is one of our Daschounds. He hates it when I take his picture, and therefore makes it his mission to look as pathetic as possible. Here, he lays in the sun on top of a blanket in a laundry basket. Hard life. 🙂


Yani wiggles every time he sees me taking a picture. He always looks up at me with this expression, and though my mother says he looks weird, I think he is adorable! He is my baby, and I love him so much!!


Dusty kitten this morning! She has doubled in size in the last six weeks or so! She is still small, but she has so much personality! I am pretty sure she has attacked everything in the house more than once!

These are tidbits from my silly life. I have an instagram where I post pictures like this. @maubelmaniac 🙂 I enjoy sharing my furry family with everyone. Many times, they are all that get me through the tough days. They are marvelous creatures.

Goodnight! Happy nights bring happy days!