Every Sunday morning my family watches ‘talking heads’ – Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation,etc.  I haven’t talked about this before because I wanted to be seen as more than a liberal in a conservative community, but there’s something I want to discuss.  It’s that is a definite problem, but nobody seems to have any answers.  “Sexual Assault” in the military.  Or, as I put it, Rape.

This morning, They (and I use the term ‘they’ because the end result of their endless ranting and raving is the same useless nothingness) were talking for a time about Sexual Assault in the military.  They said that in 2012, there was more than 3,000 reported sexual assaults, but the military estimates that the real number is 22,000, including unreported assaults.

That is sickening.  What are they doing about it?  ‘Making new rules.’ That’s what they said.  That their making new rules to combat this problem.  Okay, maybe the problem is complicated?  I mean, there’s the old joke ‘military intelligence’, right?

Then you (I hope) use your brain and remember that it isn’t that complicated.  You don’t rape people.  Kind of simple.

This whole Rape problem (and I see it as a mental disorder, by the way) isn’t simply women.  Male rape is the most unreported crime in the country.  When you are raped, the loss of power is crippling, and all you want is to feel in control again.  You don’t want to admit to yourself that you were powerless, let alone the rest of the world.

It also doesn’t help that the military beats you down anyway.  Which is where the ‘new rules’ come in.  I love new rules, change is amazing!  What is taking so long?  This has been the issue of the moment for months (longer than that, but who’s counting?) and how much has happened?  What is changing?  What are They doing to help our brothers, sisters, mother, fathers, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, and loved ones?  Who protects the people who protects us?  What are they doing?

They are making new rules.  They will get the Commanders to ‘sign off’ on the rape claims.  (I didn’t know that it was so hard to do.)  They promise the will not stop working toward fixing this problem.

Wow.  That’s a really big comfort.  I am so glad you are working so hard on this problem.

It makes me wonder what kind of people the put in control of the military that rape is so accepted in the organization.  It’s not that difficult to not rape someone, beat someone, attack someone.  You don’t do it.  Simple.

I try to figure out why an apparently staggering amount of soldiers think it is okay to do these things.  Bad upbringing?  War makes you insane?  Inability to control urges?  The problem with those explanations is that it takes accountability and responsibility away from the rapists, abusers, and people who commit these terrible acts.

You are trained as a unit.  A team.  You should treat your fellow team members with respect.  That doesn’t include sexual assault.

I understand that war is hell, but if you treat your team members and your enemy with uncontrollable hatred, you shouldn’t be there. That’s called Psychotic.

If you the only way you can feel powerful is to sexually assault someone, then you are either lying to yourself or need therapy.  Or both.

If you need to get your rocks off, use your hand.  Like the rest of the world.

If you are is the military, then you are respected.  You should treat your fellow military personnel with even more respect than you receive.  You have a responsibility do respect them.  Not raping them is just common sense.

I am sorry if you don’t like what I have written, or if you don’t agree with me.  Along with working so hard of new rules (like NOT RAPING PEOPLE. THAT’S A RULE.) maybe we should work on teaching our military that sexual assault is fundamentally wrong.  It isn’t a secret that war tears people apart.  I know the after effects of war first hand.  For many, the war is never over.  Coming back to productive lives can be nearly impossible.  With all that terrible baggage, why should our own soldiers add to it?

If you have a child, teach them how to be a good person.  Teach them to value life, value other people, and that everyone deserves respect.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Accept the consequences.  These are values that used to be common sense, but seem to be disintegrating.  We need to be bett